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Message Subject Black Mold Poison
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It grows on the walls in my little apartment because there isn't proper insulation and the moisture condenses on the cold walls. Plus it is probably coming from behind through the walls, 100 year old building in the Pacific Northwest.

Last year my landlords gave me a dehumidifier and I run that in the closet along with a fan. Hoping that since I started earlier this year with that it will help a lot. I lost some stuff that was stored in boxes in there to mildew different times over the years.

Spraying the walls with straight bleach kills it pretty good though.

Before I got a cat I was diffusing a lot of essential oils in here, I think that helped, but that's bad for cats so I don't do it anymore.
 Quoting: Vision Thing

The INSIDE of your walls are BLACK...behind the drywall!

MOVE! You can't just cover up the unpleasnt odor with air fresheners...the odor is telling your brain to GET AWAY!

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1169258

Yes, move ASAP. Tell your landlord you're moving, stop paying rent, tell the judge about the mold if they try and evict, tell the judge you're not paying rent because you suspect the landlord wouldn't return your security deposit, since they obviously don't care about you with all that mold.

Or if your landlord threatens to sue, tell your landlord you'll report him to county health, who'd at least ask for expensive mold remediation, perhaps even condemning the structure in the process.
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