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Message Subject Black Mold Poison
Poster Handle divinegoddess
Post Content
Mold is a neurotoxin ! It's probably used in biological warfare! It's deadly. Chinese have known about it for centuries. They used it to poison people. The Salem Witch trials the main theory is that the whole town probably ate bread infected with mold spores. A whole village in the 1950's in France got ill from it.
My story probably similar to some of you who have posted
100plus yr old house - if your living in one like I did check for lead paint as well. People are not joking when they say burn the house down to the ground. Ozone generate the belongings you wish to keep after you leave!!!
It's the only way to thoroughly get rid of spores that will go with your belongings when you leave! Didn't know about teflex?
My solace since I was unable to sue my landlord and UCLA hospital is that my overcharging landlord is English and he ate from the mad cow butcher- he'll never know if or when he will come down with mad cow and that he too was sick with mold poisoning in his house. If there is a Creator let Him or Her see to it that landlord gets his karma. He went on holiday to Europe while his mold remedial work was done. For me no cheap Mexican labor who quit when they opened the walls and I left with open walls of mold and lead paint for almost 2 weeks. This at the end of 2 yrs being un-diagnosably sick for 2yrs.Sick for about 4 years total. 2 living there and 2 to recover and detox. Spent thousands on my own recovery and worth every cent.
Seek expert environmental doctors who specialize in mold. There is or was no prescription medication at the time ( not sure if there is now even)
Only a very long list of vitamens and minerals about $200 worth a month that cured me. Thankfully I found 2 separate experts who gave me that identical list of nutrients that saved my life.
Bulldog all the best to you!
Ozone generator for killing spores in books, papers, furniture etc. remove yourself and pets and use generator for 2 days at least. Get plants out or throw them away too. If you don't ozone treat belongings I would not keep any of belongings except for clothes you can wash. Drs recommend throwing all shoes, handbags, stuffed animals and furniture away. I threw out most things but couldn't part with books that I was told would have to hermitically treat each if I wanted to keep. Unfortunately with having had this you are more prone to re-exposure illness. Long list of diseases cancer, Lou Gerhigs disease and a long list of other serious life threatening diseases from exposure. People who have lived through this are not joking when they say burn it down and no not bleach it's not enough! Gutting house too may not be enough.
Met a man day after I got out of UCLA who had mold filled house he bought - poor guy was rubber roomed and straight jacketed 3 x and no dr believed him. Both of us landed at a friend who had a back room with ozone devices for our bodies that we used to start our healing processes. Hopefully he did as I did and got to drs who understood and saved me.
You want to know- its hell being sick with it especially when drs think your mentally ill instead of refusing to understand about mold poisoning, the illnesses themselves are hell while your living in it even to point of temporary insanity ( no joke) and hell detoxing because at points in recovery you can feel even worse than when you where in environment. Severe depression often comes along with detox on top of often severe illness. Really if you had it bad still a hell in a sense because one never knows even after treatment if you will later get cancer or Lou Gerhigs disease or any of the long list of other diseases you are more predisposed to getting after having mold poisoning. Ill try to post list as soon as I can of vitamins and herbs that worked for me . In the mean time dry saunas as often as you can and for as long as you can stand will speed recovery along with no sugar no starches ( as much as possible) sunlight as much as possible - get out completely if not stay our as much as

possible from sick environment. No green foods - ie spirulina chlorella seaweeds , no dried fruit. Sugars and starches feed the mold in your body. Things that help Reishi and Shilajit any herbs that are drying! Chinese medicine people would say you are suffering from excess dampness condition of body! Btw I'm an LMT who has also studied Chinese herbalism for 15 years or more as well as alternative medicine. All the best and hope this helps whoever it needs. See moldgoddess.com good info but skip anti- depressants better off with Rhodiola or SAMe or 5htp but IMHO do Rhodiola because its a drying herb that not only works well as an anti- depressant as the next 2 are it provides more oxygen to brain and body and is a drying herb that will help those with breathing trouble related to mold poisoning asthma etc .
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