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Message Subject Black Mold Poison
Poster Handle divinegoddess
Post Content
Ok basic pathology 101 All illnesses are viral , bacterial or fungal. Viruses and bacteria they know the most about - fungal the least!
And fungals are the most stubborn to cure by far. The only illness ill put as just as difficult to get rid of as mold poisoning is MRSA.
I must research Teflex now but is it filled with chemicals??? Because so many who suffer from mold have chemical sensitivity and we will most likely for the rest of our lives so I had to seek other ways of killing it! Like food grade hydrogen peroxide ! Much safer than bleach! Or probably teflex.
I'd spray food grade hydrogen peroxide on it and then separately spray colloidal silver on it. But this may not PERMEATE everything which is why I say OZONE generator! The ozone generator was the only thing that makes mold spores inert! And can get in the walls floor etc!
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