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Message Subject 58 Possible Warning Signs of Alien Abduction....See if you qualify as an "abductee"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Funny, some people meet me and say I am an Indigo Child, they also say my youngest is a Starchild or Starseed Child?? and the oldest is like in between ?? if that's even possible. I was born in 78 if that makes a difference. Interested in hearing more about this stuff.

It's because you're a self-absorbed twit who's desperately looking for some form of bullshit to make yourself feel special.

"Indigo Child" is total horseshit.

God how negative are we?
That means u.
By the way, prove its horse shit, or u fail
 Quoting: cg

Thanks cg... hf

I am always open to expanding my knowledge in any subject, learning is never a bad thing. Funny, for being Rh- I feel I am a lot more Positive than that person is...
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