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Message Subject 58 Possible Warning Signs of Alien Abduction....See if you qualify as an "abductee"
Poster Handle cg
Post Content
Sickscent, you know the people love, you, they love the work and time you put into this, they respect u and that all goes away with a jab at me, am I worth it I am flattered,
You are not a lawyer, but because you think in the way that puts lawyers in a bad light you will look from afar at those in your industry who get rich as you stay attacking and being "right" in your own mind.
ANyway, your worlds are going to change hard and fast very soon, and what do u do, attack the messenger, but that is glp.
By the way, 198 put something out there, it is not like when u were a small child and ur mom made u perfrom for her friends

Are you mentally retarded or something?

I'm assuming English is your first language, but damn, it's not even worth attempting to decode your drivel.

Got you, mama's boy. Show off the cute little boy. How that burns you as an adult,
i know u well.

Just when you think you're scraping the bottom of the stupidity barrel of GLP, along comes an even bigger idiot....

Thanks, I so own you, score, hold on tight to your mommy's skirt, little boy.

All that little boy rage, all that being forced to say and do the right thing. The laughter, you just can't get it out of your mind.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 192998

You have to do better than that, but u can't u know nothing about me, but i know a lot about you and we both know it.

It will be a good idea for you to remember this next time you or anyone else slams insult around this site,
Think the avatar or ip can protect u,
No against the psychics
Im glad u posted, it boosts my street cred even if the quake gets a full and proper glp effect
mama's boy
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