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Message Subject 58 Possible Warning Signs of Alien Abduction....See if you qualify as an "abductee"
Poster Handle tylercorbeil
Post Content
When a few years back my dad and my sister were cleaning down stairs in our basement while I was in my room laying their just cause I felt like it while they were cleaning in far part of the houses basement I started to hear ringing in my ears then I fell asleep only to wake up with my door shut and my lights off It was pitch dark my beds one side is up against the wall and my computer desk near my bed enough for .e to reach out and touch half way into the middle of my desk as i laid their I heard the sound of paper on my desk moving and sounds of a voice in low tone in a language I can't explain I sat their as the noise of the paper got louder and I kind whined and it stopped and it heard me I the ran out of my bed
as soon I got up I heard a like angry tone like it's impatient
then I felt something touch my shirt as soon the light was on I hugged the wall hoping if I turned around it was gone thankfully it was
later I had the courage to go upstairs all the lights were off which was odd cause my parents at least leave one light on
my sister and dad come back into the house with food from Mr subs and I asked them if they turned my light off and closed the door they said they never touched anything just a year's ago another incident happens when I got soo curious I decided to tape me sleeping with voice recorder I heard strange voice sounds then I distinctly heard me screaming like as if I was in pain I was home alone at that time I never decided to check for marks but here and their I wake up with cut marks that look like as if I got scratched by a cat with only one claw
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