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Message Subject 58 Possible Warning Signs of Alien Abduction....See if you qualify as an "abductee"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Aliens have been here for a long time!

Many people even have alien DNA in their blood!

I've always thought I was special, but I've always just chalked that up to my mother giving me too much undeserved praise as a child, though on a related note, why does the human race have so many different blood types when we supposedly came from ‘Adam and Eve’? The biblical story no longer works as a viable explanation for evolution. Now what? Was our race genetically manipulated or were we seeded here from other star systems by aliens or more likely, our galactic star families?

About a year and a half ago my sister Bonnie and I were discussing some of the unusual characteristics of our family. Bonnie had a problem with infants haemolytic disease. She has 0 negative blood. Why does this haemolytic disease occur? Why, along with the Rh negative blood does our family have such a high IQ (85-110 average)? Why so many psychic experiences? None of us has taken acid, I don't think. Why the early maturity and large head and bulging eyes? Why have we always felt we were “different” from other "people"? Why this urge to ask “why?” all the time?

For the past decade many people have been working to prove that the earth has been visited by exterterrestrial beings. Who are these visitors? Why did they come from?? Why did they leave?? Did they leave???

It has been proven that the majority of mankind (85.74923753%) has a blood factor common with the rhesus monkeys. This is called rhesus positive blood. Usually shortened to Rh positive. This factor is completely independent. From the A, B, 0 and U blood types.

In the study of genetics, we find that we can only inherit what our ancestors had except in the case of mutation. Therefore, if man and ape evolved from a common ancestor, there blood would have evolved the same way! It would seem that modern man and rhesus monkey may have had a common ancestor sometime in the ancient past! All other earthly primates also have this Rh positive factor!! But this leaves out that people who are Rh negative! If all mankind evolved from the same ancestor their blood would be compatible! Where did the Rh negatives come from??! If they are not the decadents of prehistoric man, could they be the decadents of the ancient astronauts of the sky?!?!?

This video explains a lot about what I'm talking about and stuff...


As you can see in the video: Genesis 6:2 "The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and took them wives, all of which they chose." Who were the children of these marriages? Genesis 6:4 "God came into the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, and the same became mighty of old." From the King James Bible dictionary we find: "menchildren - men of Israel, male children of God, not children of man - Ex. 34:23." Ex. 34:7 states "The iniquity of the father will be unto the children unto the fourth generation." It is plain that something is inherited, could it be the alien blood????!!?

Blood is mentioned more often than any other word in the Bible, except God!! These two words you will find on almost every page, blood and God! This message has been written for thousands of years! There is definitely a clear connection between the blood and God(s)! Do people with Rh negative blood have the blood of the Gods?!!!??!!?!?!????!?!???

The American Indians' traditions declares that their ancestors were of cosmic origin. The Indian totem pole is actually a family genealogy! They had the tradition of making good friends, "blood brothers", if they thought they were worthy. Could this tradition have been for a reason? Could they have actually been checking to see if they were the same type blood?!?! The clumping (aggularallation) that occurs when Rh positive and Rh negative blood are mixed is visible to the naked eye. Could they have been told, by their alien ancestors, that their blood was different from that of the rest of mankind except for some others, from other tribes, scattered throughout other parts of the earth? The ancient Egyptians had symbols and statues and stuff that looked pretty weird and kinda like aliens and stuff. The Eskimo's igloos kinda remind me of a spaceship if I squint.

So why all this preoccupation with genealogy among different peoples scattered throughout the earth??? No other animal on earth has this preoccupation with ancestry. Where did this tradition come from? People scattered throughout the earth, who have had no-known contact with each other all simultaneously got the urge to chart their family tree!! Why?! Was the ancient cave men told by the ancient astronauts to preserve their heritage until a future date when they would return and it would be understood? Until a time, like now, when they're decadents would be able to understand the message they were leaving?!??!

Could Jesus Christ also have been one of these? A true decadent of the ancient astronauts?!??? He may have even been a clone of the ancient astronauts!! Everyone knows the story of his virgin birth and the heavenly intervention! Could this have been implanting a clone into Mary's sterilized egg!!? Could the whole egg have actually been an implant?! If he was a true genetic duplicate of them he would also have there powers and possibly they're knowledge! I cannot say whether he was born with their knowledge or whether he established psychic communication with our cosmic family, but it is plain that he had powers far beyond these of mortal men!!!

My research has shown that the majority of those with psychic powers also have Rh negative blood.

In Sanskrit "Ketuu" = 3D The south Lunar Node, also known as "Cauda= Draconis", in latin! The "Dragon's Tail", in English!! The Dragon's Tail (South Node)! The Vertex*, called a point of fateful encounters over which we have no conscious control, is the intersection of the great circles of the epilectic!!! In the Draconic Chart the hyperbolic plane of the Sun, the equatorial = 20@%^ plane of the Earth, and that of the Lunar orbit are all brought together.... =?>/9 + 2# & 666!) Light paths meet Earth! Hmmmm for the Earth (as a whole planet), this would be in August of 2013!!!

Famous Rh negative people include: John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Dwight Eisenhower, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush Sr., Pharaoh Ramses II, Prince Charles and his late Grandmother
Queen Elizabeth, Robert Anton Wilson, Mick Jagger, Fox Mulder, Marilyn Monroe, Dan Aykroyd, O.J. Simpson, Laci Peterson and, case and point, Oprah (the eyes give her away).

The bundle of spinal nerve roots arising from the end of the spinal cord and filling the lower part of the spinal canal (from approximately the thoraco-lumbar junction down). Caudally the tail region projects over the cloacal membrane. In the third month, the spinal cord extends through the entire length of the embryo. With increasing age the vertebral column and dura mater lengthen more rapidly than the neural tube and the caudal end of spinal cord shifts to a higher level of the vertebral canal. As a result of this differential growth, the dorsal and ventral rami of the spinal nerves = run obliquely from their segment of origin to the corresponding level of the vertebral column.

Most reptilian-type aliens like abducting people with Rh negative blood as opposed to other people.

Do we really want to know or would we rather keep our heads buried in the sand? What we don't know will still affect us. You will not see unless you look. Only through knowledge will we find truth. Yehoshua saves. Namastay. Repent or perish. Obama For Life!

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