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Message Subject 58 Possible Warning Signs of Alien Abduction....See if you qualify as an "abductee"
Poster Handle kathy,from illinois
Post Content
When I was 3 or 4 yrs old I kept having nightmares about a bright light in the sky chasing me and the feeling that it was smiling at me,these dreams stayed with me for years. I am 60 yrs old now and have had strange things happen as recently as 2 yrs ago.I was starting to go to sleep,suddenly a strange humming noise in my ears, I became paralyzed, as I was trying to open my eyes I saw a gray looking at me and turning it's head up and side ways at my face.Then I felt like something was touching my body,I could not move at all,after this I was out.I see a lot of the 58 warning signs in my life,,too many to mention.[liveleak]
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