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Message Subject 58 Possible Warning Signs of Alien Abduction....See if you qualify as an "abductee"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I dont what alien abduction is or isnt but i know that i feel that something along those lines has happened to me. And im afraid to this day. As if i was a child. I had night terrors as a kid and ive had recurring dreams and sleep paralysis among other things. I could not for the life of me sleep in my own room until i was 12 or 13. I was terrified of sleeping alone and to this day i have trouble sleeping because i experience suvh intense fear. I wake up in the middle of the night often and cry out in fear. Sometimes i wake up to a noise that seems to come from in my head. Its like a loud knock in my head and ill feel pain and my head will feel swollen but after i become fully awakw the pain and pressure stops. Im fascinated and afraid of aliens and ufos and have been since i was a kid. And i dont remember how or why i became so obsessed with this. Im obsessed the ancient astronaut theory and i feel that aliens have somehow become a supernatural force that can be confused as god or satan. Although i believe in god and i believe god is seperate from these beings. I believe that these beings can infiltrate every aspect of reality. Im afraid that they mean us harm. That they just use us and dont care about the suffering they inflict. I dont know if ive been abducted but i know that the fear is real. And there are a lot of things on thid list that i have experienced and other things not on this list that i havr experienced. I just want an answer to life. And to know that good prevails over evil. Im serious about this stuff. I cant sleep now cuz im too afraid. Part of me thinks im paranoid and part of me believes ive been abducted in the past and maybe still am sometimes. What do you guys think?
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