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Can someone school me a little with bankruptcy?

ibis ghost
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United States
09/22/2010 07:44 PM
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Can someone school me a little with bankruptcy?
I'm seriously considering it since I can't seem to get ahead anymore. It has gotten very tough to make a living and to keep up with the bills.

I've never considered it before TODAY, and thought I would never have to but today is a different day. I live in Florida and as I'm aware all states are different in their laws with what you can keep.

I am going to start calling my credit card companies to see what and if they can do anything to help me see some light. I want to pay these off but at this moment, I don't know where I'm going to come up with any money.

Does anyone have some recommendations?
User ID: 1094812
United States
09/22/2010 07:54 PM
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Re: Can someone school me a little with bankruptcy?
Usually there are choices before dropping the "atom bomb" on your credit.

[link to www.daveramsey.com]

Guys better at money then me.

Good Luck
User ID: 939588
United States
09/22/2010 08:11 PM
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Re: Can someone school me a little with bankruptcy?
Do yourself a huge favor... visit this site: [link to privateaudio.homestead.com]

It's a good introduction into the ever growing movment, of everyday people winning against "Creditors"...

Every outstanding "Debt" you have, is actually Fraud, against you..

On the website you will find links to Talkshow shows were these subjects are discussed.. Go on.. tell you story, and get some guidance.. But YOU have to do the work.. Angela the moderator of this site has a talkshoe Thursday nights, I think 9PM est.. (it's linked on the website)..

What ever you do..... do not hire an attorney!!!! Your interst is at best 3rd on his list of importance.. The COURT, the PUBLIC, than YOU..

In short time you will understand that at every level in your life, fraud is being committed against you.. from the Cop on the street, to the President... It's a big corporation, and you and your property are their profit center...

Here is an example... if you have 3rd party debt collectors after you... you just "notice" them with specifically written questions, from the private side, under penalty of perjury... They cannot answer... they will either be commiting perjury, or admitting to fraud..

And just like they do to you... you send this 3 times.. by Notary.. and when they do not answer, you go to the court house and get a default judgement.. .... YOU WIN...

Same with mortgages, credit cards... etc..

Get involved, and get others like you involved...

You may have heard major banks are stopping forclosures in many states... and may have to give the property back...!!! This is all because many people have blazed the trail...The fraud is being exposed..

DO NOT, DO NOT ..give up... fight the fuckers.. It's all FRAUD...
User ID: 825313
United States
09/22/2010 08:25 PM
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Re: Can someone school me a little with bankruptcy?

I guess I will be the dissenting voice here. First off, nose around a little bit and find a GOOD bankruptcy attorney. Call and set up a FREE and make sure it is a FREE consult. Be honest with this person they will want details/2 years tax returns/list of all debts/list of all assets(maybe) etc. in order to determine whether BK is for you. Make sure you find out upfront what they will charge start to finish. If you decide to go in that direction they will want their money upfront. You will want Chap 7 filing. It is much easier now in that who knows how many million are currently doing the same thing.