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Message Subject River disappears overnight after loud detonation noise is heard
Poster Handle Miggy
Post Content
This world is FREAKING ME OUT!

For one thing, this is the 2nd night in a row where I've gone to bed at the same time I have for 30 years of my life (11 PM) and wake up with a bolt of energy 3 hours later that doesn't allow me to go back to sleep.

I've tried to the past three hours and finally gave up and GOT up. It's just a little before 6 AM here. And my routine has been the same as it's always been. Maybe the "Bang" woke me up.

Is it something in the planetary lineup right now (Full Moon, Equinox, Harvest Moon, Jupiter and one other planet I can't remember) pulling at each other or the sun?

Can anyone tell me what time this big "Bang" happened?

I'm sure there are all kinds of explanations for this but the fact that every week there's another bizarre sinkhole that's swallowed up a huge area or a HUGE earthquake in a city in New Zealand (sp? sorry I'm half asleep) that never even had any faults under it or around it with massive destruction to buildings yet no casualties, fish dying everywhere around the world....

Good night, Good luck or Goodbye. I don't even know the appropriate way to end conversations anymore.

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