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Message Subject River disappears overnight after loud detonation noise is heard
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
According to the Slovene news, 2km of a normal river has gone. The river used to be 31km long. Now there is a 2km gap in the middle of it. Don't forget this wouldn't make headlines on the country's main news channel if it was just a small creek that has drained after a flood. This is 2km of a normal river, that is normally flowing like the rest of the river, that has completely disappeared. It's a real mystery.

OP, what do you mean 2km of that river disappeared? Was it a 2km branch/tributary of that river shown at the end, or was it a small creek usually overflowing when it rains? Because rivers are longer than just 2km. And they can't just disappear unless the flow from their source is blocked (dam) or their source drys up.
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