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Message Subject River disappears overnight after loud detonation noise is heard
Poster Handle Zidar
Post Content
Zidar did it.


Yes, we know here which concrete Zidar is. Maybe he need water for Gadaffi in Lybia now. Big business.

Zidar = English; Mason.

Free Masons maybe did that. :-)


I never made that connection... My family name is Zidar -- perhaps someone in my lineage was a freemason??? My grandmother is from Kamnik and my grandfather from Ljubljana....

Zidar is biggest constructor business in Slovenia. And also...

Ha, hi there from Kamnik. :-)


Hello!!!.... and Dober Dan?? or Dober Vecer... not sure what time it is there now...

"Dober vecer" already. 18.30. (Good evening)
Thank you. "Dober dan" (Good day) to you in US. Where?


I'm near Cleveland in Ohio....

Expected, because there is the most large community of Slovenians in USA.

Hi, there.

One more surprise for you. Family name of my mother is Zidar, too. So, maybe we are even relatives. She is from near Ribnica (English; Fish-town). All her brothers and sisters, so my relatives too, live very near Toronto, Canada. Funny, how world is small...

Good to have contact with you. Pozdravi tvoje doma.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1108833

Really!? Perhaps we are related from your mother's side to my father's... it really is a small world!! I hope all is well in Slovenija tonight!!

P.S. My Slovene is really bad :( ... The language was never passed down unfortunately.... so I need some help with Pozdravi tvoje doma....
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