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Message Subject River disappears overnight after loud detonation noise is heard
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I agree it doesn't explain why the river was so dry the next day, not even showing any damp patches. I've noticed that people are often quick to find an explanation, as if finding any explanation is more important than accounting for all the facts.


this could be very easily explained

Eastern Europe is speckled with old closed coal mines, that people living in the area do not know about or the generations that knew died off

due to the flooding there could have been some dirt shift opening an unfilled (old coal mines should be filled with sand) coal mine ultimately causing the river water to drain into the mine

ok for old mines in the area you may find this river


This doesn't explain why all the river bed is dry, as the OP observed up the page a bit. I am really puzzled by that. It seems impossible that it could have become bone dry that quickly, plus hardly any small pools in low areas. I think there are still some aspects of this that are a mystery.
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