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Message Subject River disappears overnight after loud detonation noise is heard
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It turns out that when the news story refers to tuesday night (21/9/10) they actually were refering to the early hours of wednesday morning (22/9/10). The time when the loud bang noises were heard (around 3am UT)strangely correspond with two events mentioned on spaceweather on 22/09/10 (see link below). These being the fire ball seen over New Mexico and west Texas and the eruptions on the sun, they all occurred around the same time. Just a coincidence? A witness comments (about the fireball) "The fireball made a sonic boom loud enough to be heard inside above fan noise and household din." - Strange that a similarly loud noise was being heard at around the same time in Slovenia. Not sure if there is a connection, but still a strange coincidence.

[link to spaceweather.com]
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