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Message Subject River disappears overnight after loud detonation noise is heard
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
How is this possible when the event only happened just over 2 days ago? And the photos were taken the following day.
All the points you make below only increase the mystery of it all - probably not an event of great magnitude? Don't forget this river was flooded! So if the river bed does not show usual signs of being a river, this should be making you question this even more! Don't just look at a picture, read the information provided in this thread as well. You think the national news got it wrong and it wasn't really a river? "Oh dear yes, we didn't realise it was just a tiny stream! How silly we've been calling it a river all this time throughout Slovene history! And oh yeah, didn't this happen over a week ago? Damn, forgot to send the film crew out!"

The facts: the event happened just over two days ago, film crew and photographers went out there soon after this. Was not too much of a trek as Slovenia is not much larger than greater London. And the river has always been a river...the river Iška

looks like a wash, not a river...

If there was a river there then they were over a week late getting pictures of the remains....

I think you may be right. It could have had a lot of water from the floods and has since disappeared.

Looking at the images here: [link to www.siol.net]

The "riverbed" does not show the usual characteristics of being a river. The trees do not have a water line. The stoned are bleached and have no signs of any growth on them. The fish are small.

Seems to be something probably did happen, but not at a great magnitude
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