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Message Subject River disappears overnight after loud detonation noise is heard
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
On Tuesday night 2km of the river Iska in Slovenia disappeared and left behind fish on dry ground. The residents are saying that they heard a huge bang in the night. It sounds like they are describing it as a possible earthquake-like sound although there was no tremor. One woman said that it was like a huge detonation, as if something big had crashed onto the ground. People went out of their homes to see what was falling down, only to witness the river being drained.

To make this story even more strange, last week there were devastating floods in Slovenia and this river like all others was flooding land and properties. Could it be that some strange technology is being tested here for flood defence purpose? The official explanation is that due to the karst nature of the terrain the river went underground through this tiny hole (see pictures in link below), but the residents are highly sceptical as they have never witnessed anything like that ever (bearing in mind this river has flooded many times before).

For pictures (language is Slovenian): 24ur.com...

The first part of the official news story (from link above) translates as:

"On Tuesday night the river Iska vanished between the villages of Iska Vas and Strahomer."... (Now here comes the official explanation)... "Slovene Environment Agency statement says that the water is flowing into the underground chamber underneath the water bed. This is the way the river disappears and reappers later down stream.This time this characteristic of the river is stronger because of the damages to the river bed."
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1108510

Earthquakes have been known to not only drain rivers but make them begin to flow in the opposite direction as well.

Has anyone checked out to see if any earthquakes were reported near Slovenia during that time period?
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