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Message Subject River disappears overnight after loud detonation noise is heard
Poster Handle Mack
Post Content
The karst landforms are the answer; giant caverns were filled after a breakdown in the roof by a huge falling piece of rock. At Carlsbad cave in New Mexico I have seen how big underground caverns can grow and believe me rooms were large enough to stand a thirty story office building upright. One single stone called "Iceberg Rock" had fallen from the roof of one great chamber and it was as big as a ship; the guides said that when it fell many tens of thousands of years ago that whole ceilings came down in all the adjacent chambers.
All of this activity took place more than a thousand feet underground, and there was nothing at the surface except a small opening where clouds of bats emerged every evening. The whole place was like another world underground, simply big beyond belief. One room was so large that a hot air ballon was used by scientists to explore the upper wall and ceiling openings. It was all like Jules Verne down there, and I could not literally believe what I saw.
So there is absolutely room enough for an entire river to migrate to a new underground channel if a large enough breadown occurred in the roof of one of a series of hidden chambers in Slovenia that opened up access for the water.
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