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Subhuman conditions and child labor at 2010 Commonwealth Games, in India

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09/24/2010 05:39 PM
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Subhuman conditions and child labor at 2010 Commonwealth Games, in India
As Indian officials struggle to deal with mounting international criticism toward the safety and security of Commonwealth Game athletes, new evidence has emerged that show children as young as seven are being used in the construction of game venues.

In an exclusive interview with CNN International, Harvard fellow and trafficking expert Siddharth Kara told Becky Anderson that child labor was a widespread and well known issue in New Delhi.

"I reliably documented in just a few days 32 cases of forced labor and 14 cases of child labor all for construction related to the Commonwealth Games," Kara said on Connect the World.

"The children I saw were the ones where I felt I had documented child labor -- where children were working, picking up hammers, banging stones, paving entry ways and planting grass along the roads to beautify them, hours and hours at a time."

"I documented children aged seven, eight, nine, ten years old working alongside their families in this mad rush to get the construction completed."

Kara, a renowned expert on the subject of human trafficking, also outlined the harsh conditions these children were forced to work under.

"The conditions are sub-human and that's really the only word I can apply," Kara said.

"They live in the dirt, they go to the toilet behind bushes and trees which is why they found human excrement in the athletes village a few days ago(...)

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[link to edition.cnn.com]
 Quoting: CNN

Another society that justify injustice and human misery by religious brainwash...
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