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**BREAKING** CNN Reporting fake earthquake and disaster drills going on testing Facebook and Twitter

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09/24/2010 05:58 PM
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**BREAKING** CNN Reporting fake earthquake and disaster drills going on testing Facebook and Twitter
It's being called Exercise 24.

(CNN) -- If your Facebook page or Twitter feed lights up with news of a tsunami off the California coast, don't get too worried.

At noon ET Friday, a drill was launched by natural disaster experts at San Diego State University to test how social media would be used to respond to a crisis.

Exercise 24 (X24) is being run by the university's Immersive Visualization Center.

Participants from 15 countries, including the United States, organizations such as the United Nations and Red Cross, and other business, nonprofits and individuals will be involved.

The idea is to test the speed and widen the scope of responses to a major disaster, focusing on how social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be used.

"Ultimately, the goal is to get there faster, respond more effectively to save lives, communities, businesses, etc.," read a written release on the drill.

Organizers said that all messages about the fictional disaster would be marked clearly as fake on the Web.

Shortly after 12:30 p.m. ET, organizers began sending fictional messages from an account on Twitter reporting the disaster.

[link to edition.cnn.com]

"#X24 IS A TEST, NOT REAL [link] CNN.com Earthquake strikes coast of Southern and Baja California [link to DON'T_USE-THIS] 1 ...," was the first mention.

Instead of a CNN story, the link went to a Web page explaining the drill and how users can participate.

As time went on, details included reports of snapped bridges, severe flooding and a tsunami on the way.

"#X24 IS A TEST, NOT REAL TV said large wave headed toward coastline! Everyone get out! [link to DON'T_USE-THIS] 3-9 ...," read a later post.

We all know they usually hold "realtime" tests for disasters before they actually happen. I.E 9/11. What does this mean for us, ohhh shit!