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TIM BOUCHER is The MAN! still laughing

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06/25/2005 11:57 AM
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TIM BOUCHER is The MAN! still laughing
check out this guy´s blogg...
it is smart and funny...

his current research is on the rsearching "apocalypse" theories

[link to www.timboucher.com]

this is funny though....
"Tom Cruise vs. Matt Lauer on Psychiatry

Drudge has an interesting transcript available in which Tom Cruise and Matt Lauer “go at each other” over the efficacy of Psychiatric treatment. It’s really kind of fascinating to read. I’ve never seen a conversation between two stupider people who couldn’t make any of the most important points that each was trying to validly put forward.

Lauer tries to take the angle of “if psychiatry makes you feel better, then why is it wrong?” Cruise in turn answers with lines like this".............

[link to www.timboucher.com]