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Subject alien disclosure
Poster Handle CHRIST
Post Content
So you don't have to wade through hundreds of pages of shit


listened avidly to Richard last night Stardate 9-29-19-110.

The gradual disclosures about the Face on Mars, Ancient Civilizations, advanced alien civilizations since the 1970s were planned to take us where?

and now, with history in the balance, TPTB are out of time and running out of storylines. I would wager that all their active Alien Disclosure strategies would mire us in futures containing elements of 'perpetual violence', 'beholdedness', and 'economic/technological control paradigms'.

Fact: CHRIST disclosure, not Alien disclosure is the Biggest unifying story of the New Millenium.

Richard et al need to steer this Enterprise back to a Bilderburger plan that includes it.

We warn you, Anyone disregarding the return of THE MESSIAH is a FOOL. CHRIST doesn't come back to Earth but once.


WE are prepared to govern with a cabinet that includes a goldfish in a bowl, if necessary

That is all, for now. Thanks as usual for a thought provoking evening!

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