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10.20 ~ NutopiA ~ 20.10 It's Now Now... or Never Ever... Aquarian Gathering of the Rainbow Warriors

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10/03/2010 01:01 PM
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10.20 ~ NutopiA ~ 20.10 It's Now Now... or Never Ever... Aquarian Gathering of the Rainbow Warriors
Like to see as many awakened people as possible at this event. Please send to friends you think might be interested.
Original link:

[link to panparty.org]

PAN PartY: Freedom, Peace and Prosperity through Truth, Justice and Accord
10.20 ~ NutopiA ~ 20.10
10.20 ~ NutopiA ~ 20.10
It's Now Now... or Never Ever...
Aquarian Gathering of the Rainbow Warriors

Updated Moonday, September 13, 2010
Many blessings dear friends. I pray this note finds you well and in good spirits. This message is being posted here to inform interested people of the final speaker list for the coming event 10.20 ~ NutopiA ~ 20.10… It’s Now Now… or Never Ever! …an Aquarian Gathering of the Rainbow Warriors.

This free, global gathering in Vilcabamba, Ecuador is conceptualized as a forum to discuss the global situation as it is and the imperative to organize and act now to manifest a world of peace and prosperity for all. In short, 10.20 ~ NutopiA ~ 20.10 is being convened to get high consciousness people on the planet together to share our vision of the Shift of Consciousness in progress.

The pace of change is accelerating as humanity rapidly approaches the next step in human evolution. Certain ancient souls, known by the Hopis as Warriors of the Rainbow, defenders of truth and justice, and by Hindus as beings in Dharma (duty), have chosen to incarnate at this particularly critical juncture in human affairs to assist in the birthing of Homo Brahmandus, goddess/god embodied beings who are free from deception and the limits of religious dogma. Utopia, Heaven on Earth, is within our reach and is our birthright. The old forms are fading fast, now now is the time to bring new forms into being. Now is the time to reify our positive visions for the world.

This global pow wow begins the afternoon of Wednesday, October 20, 2010 and concludes the morning of Monday, November 1, 2010 (10.20.2010 – 11.1.2010). There will be talks on a variety of topics, roundtables, vision-sharing sessions, playshops, and panel discussions. A host of activities including meals, music, dance, yoga, hikes, and horseback riding are planned.

There is another ancient prophecy that when the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South fly together, there will be peace on Earth. Here's the link to a YouTube video of Ecuadorian Iachak, Señor Don Alverto Taxo, in which he mentions the condor and eagle prophecy.

Here is an updated list of tentative/probable speakers:

* Don Alverto Taxo, iachiak -- topic to be announced
links: www.ushai.com and www.hillsideofdreams.org/alverto.php
* Doctor Brian O'Leary, author and scientist -- topic to be announced
links: www.brianoleary.info and www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_O'Leary
* Amelia Plant, herbalist -- Native Herbs and Foods for Health and Sustainability
* Yves Zehnder, founder, Sacred Suenos -- Beyond Sustainability: Using Regenerative Design for a Better World
links: www.sacredsuenos.com and www.sacredsuenos.wordpress.com
* Akahi Salas, pranic practitioner -- Pranic Consciousness, the Breath and the Masters of the Quiet Energy
links: www.akahmi.com
* Norie Huddle, author -- Personal and Global Transformation
links: www.twitter.com/noriehuddle
* Duane Lucas-Harper, artist -- The Equality Meditation
links: www.theenlightenedloveproject.org and www.dlhphotography.com
* Susan Clarke, researcher -- Radio-frequency Radiation Bio-effects
* Doctor Ted Norris, holistic physician -- Wholism, the Next Paradigm in Medicine
* Athena Jezik, cranial-sacral therapist -- Cranial-Sacral Therapy, the Road to Good Health
links: www.acranio.com and www.acranio.net
* Joel Segurola and Doctor Dan Ecklund, inventors -- Intentional Community
links: www.uevn.org and www.losvisionarios.org and www.ggtrust.com
* Jay Schumacher, master hypnotherapist -- Consciousness, Energy, and the Matrix of Personal Reality
* Henrik "raybeam" Lemon, synchromystical researcher -- Entering The Mayan 5th Sun Through the Beetle Stargate
links: www.raybeam108.blogspot.com and www.youtube.com/raybeam108
* Cliff Taylor, media analyst -- How Media Controls the Populace
links: www.abdulscamelot.com and www.kansasguitar.com
* Amelia Plant -- The Holon of Ascension, How to Use the Five Elemental Archetypes to Energize Your Mer Ka Ba
* Alex Putney, healer, artist and author -- Human Resonance and the Shift of the Ages
links: www.HumanResonance.org
* Felicia, shamaness -- Feminine Shamanism
* William Zurstadt, teacher -- Knights Templar and the Holy Grail
* Galen Mitrzyk, utopian -- Yearn for Health, You're In for Health, Urine for Health... the Urinetarian Lifestyle
* Nancy Kelly, shift facilitator-- Matrix Energetics
links: www.matrixenergetics.com
* Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, esoteric cosmologist -- Restoring the Balance of Humanity and Nature
links: www.cosmicgaia2012.com
* Michael Patrick, astrologer -- Magnetic, Harmonic Synchronicity
* Mia Hamel, healer -- Introduction to Miracle Mineral Supplement
links: www.humblemiraclemineral.com
* Mofwoofoo, communitarian -- Nonviolent Communication
links: www.cnvc.org
* Mia Hamel, energy healer -- Russian Energy Medicine, Accessing and Restructuring Your Divine Hologram
* Jan Wallace, energy and massage therapist -- Psych-K, Empowering Your Subconscious
links: www.psych-k.com
* Alida Quetzal, Mayan healer -- The Mayan Calendar, 2012 and the Coming Shift in Global Consciousness
* Sunni Karll, spiritual midwife -- Birthing a New Humanity
links: www.sacredbirthing.com
* Sienna Lea, author -- Experience the Shadowland, Unlock the Future
links: www.siennalea.com/reviews.htm
* Frieda Radford, of Tamera, and Sienna Lea, author -- Towards a Future Without War, Introducing Tamera
links: www.tamera.org
* Piter Caizer aka "Wildgrass Messiah", raw foodist -- Chlorophyll, Mother Nature's Finest Medicine
links: www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdgsMZ8N2Jg&p=82F0D85BF1C6A130&playne​xt=1&index=7
* Dennis "galen" Mitrzyk, utopian -- True Cosmology... Creating Heaven on Earth
links: www.PANparty.org

Here is an updated list of planned roundtables:

Creating the Manifesto of Light -- co-chaired by activists Chrissy McMahon and galen
Making a Plan for Action -- co-chaired by activist Gary Schofield and (to be determined)
Strategies for Moving Forward -- co-chaired by Susan Clarke and (to be determined)
Manifesting the Vision Locally -- co-chaired by physician Ted Norris and (to be determined)
Manifesting the Vision Globally -- co-chaired by physician Ted Norris and (to be determined)
ReCreation Retreat... Reprogramming the Self -- co-chaired by John Reilly and (to be determined)
Intentional Community -- co-chaired by Joel Segurola and (to be determined)
La Tara Blanca, a New Paradigm for Funding Humanitarian Ventures -- co-chaired by Sienna Lea and (tbd)
Collaboratively Created Children's Book, "Mommy, Where Do Trees Come From?" -- co-chaired by galen and (tbd)

Here is a list of planned playshops:

Empowering Your Subconscious -- facilitated by Jan Wallace, Psych-K practitioner
Showing Up With What We've Got -- facilitated by Jani Niner
Listening to the Children -- facilitated by (to be determined)
Making Masks of Clay Playshop -- facilitated by Don Miles
Creating Change through Cosmic Comics -- co-facilitated by Piter and galen

Here is a list of planned activities:

Tour of Sacred Suenos -- Yves Zehnder
Introducing Yosagi -- galen
links: www.panparty.org/alerts.html
Improvisational Singing -- Mofwoofoo
Community Music Jam -- galen et alia
Samhain Party on Sunday, October 31 -- all

Here is a list of activities and services for donation being offered for NutopiA:

Sacred Plant Medicine Journey -- (to be determined)
EFT (tapping therapy) -- Gavriel Shaw
links: www.eftpractitioner.org
Yoga -- Sara Kate Wilson
Massage -- Brian Whitehead, Jan Wallace
BioEnergy Therapy -- Jan Wallace
Psych-K Therapy -- Jan Wallace
MicroCurrent Therapy -- Brian Whitehead
Horseback Tours -- Holger's Horses
Native American Sweat Lodge -- Bernie

Realtime summary translations to Spanish or English will be provided by the following translators:

* Mia Hamel * Ana Cristina Benavides * Aura Villa Vasquez * Fausto Reategui * Rosa Virginia González Zúñiga

Many of the events will be held in the Conference Center of Resort de Agua del Hierro (RAH) in the pristine sacred valley of Vilcabamba in Southern Ecuador. Families are welcome. Food and lodging are very reasonably priced in the valley so this trip can be made even on a modest budget. For instance, a very special NutopiA rate of $10 per day per person has been negotiated with RAH. It's important to note that you must have a valid passport to enter Ecuador from most countries.

Travel tips: from North America, fly to Quito, then take a domestic flight on Tame Air from there to Loja (the nearest big city to Vilcabamba), and take a taxi or bus to Vilcabamba; from Europe or elsewhere you may find it easier to fly into Guayaquil, then take a bus or domestic plane from there to Loja, then a taxi or bus to Vilcabamba.

If you’re interested in attending or being involved in any way, please send an e-mail to galen at denzen(at)umich.edu to register your interest (note: replace "(at)" with "@"). Please feel free to share this announcement with like-minded souls. You can hear an interview of galen about NutopiA by Chrissy McMahon at this link.

Eagles of the North... come soar with us Condors of the South... together, and only together, will we manifest the world we desire and deserve.

Much love and many blessings – galen denzen

PS: This event is in conjunction with the Continuous Conscious Convergence. See this clip by Doctor Carl Calleman.
Archived PAN PartY Events

* The Next Step, is a cable access TV program produced by Dennis “galen” Mitrzyk showcasing the art, the music, the literature, the spirituality, and the politics of the evolving New Consciousness. It airs every Monday at 11:00 pm and Friday at 10:00 pm on Channel 27 in Atherton, East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and Stanford, California.
* Counter-Inaugural Demonstration on January 20, 2005 in Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other cities, sponsored by A.N.S.W.E.R..
* 2nd Anniversary Antiwar Demonstration on January 20, 2005 in Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other cities, sponsored by A.N.S.W.E.R..

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