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How Griks Stole Aleksandar Veliki King of Macedon

User ID: 936772
United Kingdom
10/03/2010 04:46 PM
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How Griks Stole Aleksandar Veliki King of Macedon
Has anything been left out from Alexander´s life that has not been brought to light, microscopically dissected and meticulously analyzed; things not attributed to him, stories not connected with him; achievements not magnified; events not glorified and mannerisms not copied and emulated that need to be revisited anew? Has the obsession with Alexander from Macedon, after more than two thousand years or so, died down or is the clamor preeminent and still rumbling through the political and historical spectrum of some modern countries of today? And even still, unabashedly, does it continue to color their historiography with added dimension and magnanimity? Is the attachment to the legacy of the Macedonian Kings, in general, and to the glory of Alexander the Great, in particular, so imminently important that countries who stake opposite claims to his ethnicity are unable to come to agreeable terms and are in need of international arbitration? Who does Alexander the Great belong to? Was he a Macedonian king or a Greek king?

[link to www.americanchronicle.com]
written by top professor of fyrom