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Fathers. Who would you sacrifice? You or your son?

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10/05/2010 03:12 PM
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Fathers. Who would you sacrifice? You or your son?
Fathers. Who would you sacrifice? You or your son?

There is a lot of information and arguments around questioning the divinity and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Even his historicity is unproven and the general consensus seems to be that he never existed and that the scriptures are a re-write of older religions. In fact, the story of Jesus resembles many of the older Gods right back to 3,000 BCE in Egypt as Horus.

The fact is that we will probably never know. For this little exercise in thought
though, I will assume that he was real and sent by his father as scripture says to die for us.

God is suppose to set the standard of thoughts and actions for mankind. We are suppose to emulate him in every way. Scripture urges us to seek to be as perfect as God.

Yet here on earth, it has been our custom that if a son or father needs to be sacrificed, the father usually steps up. We would all find it counter intuitive if God and Jesus were on a sinking ship and God took the life boat and let Jesus drown. If he could that is. We do send our sons to war but that is somewhat different and I would exclude that consideration here.

Why then do we so readily applaud God sending Jesus to die instead of stepping up himself. Other than the father son relationship, they were identical, so to speak. Why would God or the Bible try to teach us that fathers should sacrifice their sons?

Human fathers believe it better to have the sons bury them instead of them burying the sons. That is certainly my wish and if God asked differently from me, even the Godhead that I believe in truly, I would tell it to kiss my eh, rump.

From outside of Christianity, if we saw Christians follow their Gods example in this issue, most of the world and I dare say, even the non literal and fundamental Christians would condemn their own God and fellow Christians if the fathers sacrificed the sons ahead of themselves.

This is rather a catch 22 for Christians.

As a Christian, would you follow your God's example on this issue, in effect follow His command to emulate him as you are asked to do by your church and Bible, and sacrifice your son,
would you ignore your God and church, in effect break the first commandment, and place your standards above Godís, and step up yourself as a parent to sacrifice yourself?

Who would you sacrifice? You or your child?