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Communication with Gliese 581g - We can do it ourselves

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1005671
United States
10/06/2010 07:58 AM
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Communication with Gliese 581g - We can do it ourselves
It may have some challenges for the smarter then usual person. But I believe we can return the signal ourselves, w/o the governments intervention.

- Secure a common laser to an electronically controlled telescope.

- Build a message in binary and analog of different types.

- Send the signal from a PC speaker line to an amplifier.

- Increase the signal voltage with a common ignition coil. The increased voltage will increase the lasers power (be very careful with this as it could cause great harm, have a fail safe shut off)

- The laser might need a lense to spread the signal to be sure the signal is detected. It should be spread just enough to cover the Gliese Solar System. If they are watching us, they will see it.

- Send the signal, clean up shop before the feds arrive.

Personally, I would create a binary signal with a key signal to indicate next line. They should be able to easily figure out it is a picture. The unique signal embedded would tell them when to start a new line. As each line is added up, a black and white image can be decoded.

What to send as an image is a big question of great debate. What is the interstellar symbol for peace, lol.