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Subject The so called new earth like planet
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So I heard from a source I know that this earth like planet they found in 2008 is just like ours and the worst part about it is people with enough cash and the people who will be of use to the rich have already begun leaving our planet in ships headed for this new earth, the rich people that have given their fortunes away have really just spent the money for a seat on one of these ships the people they'll use to construct homes etc. have been druged and put into cargo ships the last couple of so called sattelite launches the news reported on are actually some of these ships headed there China just launched one the other day and will be sending another soon. I know it sounds crazy but just look at the news as of late read what they're talking about 15 years ago these stories in the news would have seemed nuts but know it's prime time news. It does make one wonder.
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