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Message Subject Thanks GLP, because of an article here, my wife is not sick anymore - Aspartame Poisoning
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have fun on this doom site but I need to share a story. Since my daughter was born 7 years ago my wife has been really sick most every weekend. The day began and ended on the toilet for her and she had been to every doctor around, every specialist.

No one knew what was wrong with her, and she had pretty much accepted that there was something wrong with her that would not be fixed. Her gallbladder was removed and that did not help.

And then a couple of weeks ago after reading an article here on GLP we agreed to stop the Equal in the coffee. She loves equal, to the tune of 20 packs a day in her coffee. We swapped that for sugar and she told me last night that the problems are gone after a couple of weeks, and she is starting to lose weight.

If you drink a lot of Aspartame, cut that shit out of your life
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1029269

dont use cane sugar ,its bad for you major cause of cancer.. get the natural sugar from fruit . its a little bit mor costly .. but dont let you gain aeight or give you diesease.
its like called fructose plantt sugar ..
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