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Message Subject the Truth about Anniesnow
Poster Handle anniesnow
Post Content
Tell me where you are. May I remenber you?

The only thing I have on this earth is not really me. I'm not this old body or this name or this place. This old body does me an injustice and embarrasses me. Look for me and I'll feel it and come see you.

A Friend

I am waiting for you.

I am ready. Come find me.

I know you are ready. But, you have to show some others how to find their way back first. To be honest, I am ready now also, but not yet.

And yes, I will come find you as my true self. Like a bright star.

Remember, something for me. We can only help others by example, as a beacon. We can't tell anyone anything because they can't hear. But, the light they notice. So try and the the wise star you are. Stay strong.

I'll see you soon. I love you.
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Thank you.
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