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Message Subject the Truth about Anniesnow
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I love things that deserve Love. Male female love I have no thought for but there are other ways to love.
Otherwise, I will be glad for a hot cup of coffee, a cat, a book, a heater, these are my companions for the rest of my life, and good companions I am lucky to have, compared to some poor souls.

I am sorry you were hurt. I cry for you.
Please do not give up, the world needs every speck of compassion, and those who have lived thru hell can become bearers of compassion.

Someone loves you and someone needs you.

I pray for you.

Thank you. I hope someone,somewhere,someday does love me...sees me as I am and wants me in their life. I am TOO compassionate...I think every living thing has feelings and that makes it impossible for me to kill ANYthing. Ok,maybe mosquitoes,palmettos and flies,but everything else I catch and release outside. I am THIS CLOSE to becoming a vegetarian just because I don't want anything to die just so I can eat.

I am alone
with dreams of sand
and no one left to take my hand.
Or guide my feet to higher ground.
I am alone
save for the sound
of sorrow falling
all around....
sorrow falling
all around.
 Quoting: anniesnow

Could you visit O prah and cry this out? 886
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