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Debunking The DOJ's Hit Piece, Part 3: Assault on The Second Amendment

User ID: 1127094
Costa Rica
10/11/2010 11:25 PM
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Debunking The DOJ's Hit Piece, Part 3: Assault on The Second Amendment
Richard Anatone
Activist Post

(NOTE: In light of recent events with CPS taking the newborn child away from a couple merely because the father was affiliated with Oath Keepers, which the affidavit incorrectly labels a militia, it is all the more clear that the Second Amendment is the target of the Ruling Class. It is important to understand why the Second Amendment was written, as this essay will discuss).

In part 1 and part 2 of this exploratory essay, we learned that the Federal Government's Department of Justice has issued a glossary to be distributed to law enforcement officers throughout the country -- a glossary called “Investigating Terrorism and Criminal Extremism: Terms and Concepts," where we find definition after definition of terms used by people who they categorize as “Domestic Terrorists.”

We were not only shocked to find terms like “Constitution Party," “Precious Metals," “Council on Foreign Relations,” “Patriot Movement," “Gold and Silver,” and dozens more in this glossary of terrorist terminology, but that the definitions were misleading and ill-defined at best. In this last of three parts, we explore the Government's attempt at portraying gun owners and the “militia movement” as arms of domestic terrorism, and how we can peacefully return sanity to our Government.

Read Full Article: [link to www.activistpost.com]