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Message Subject Green Eyes linked to Reptilian Blood --- NO JOKE. The aliens are coming for these folks --- to bring them back home.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Glad I've got brown eyes:)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1093486

hardly, they don't have a 'home' per se

they're demonic, not actual snakes, not an actual breed by any stretch

you could become one too quite easily

as for the satanic bloodline of the masons, that they've tried so hard to maintain, it's just that which was left over from the fallen angel incursion of long ago

it wasn't anything special that's for sure

all Gods children had rh- blood

it was the demon angels themselves that introduced the rhesus factor and/or monkey DNA into the human bloodlines during one of their influxes to earth

there are people on earth who have the pure rh- blood quite naturally, in other words they didn't get it from flesh having been defiled by fallen angel blood

what the masons don't know is that we are all angels, and those they revere known as the watchers are merely those of us who got in far more trouble than the rest did, and that's the truth

reptillians are merely those humans who "appear" as they are on the within, that being hideously ugly, hideously evil, hence hard to look at

that's what happens to those who allow evil into their lives

it becomes them after a time

no pun intended

we should be so lucky that they'd remove all the infected humans

not gonna happen

satans coming HERE soon enough

there's no place else they'd rather be than here when he's running the show and ruling the roost

during the time of tribulation

they get a short window of believing they may just win the battle for the universe during that time frame

just so we can rip it from their grasp following same

; )
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