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Message Subject Green Eyes linked to Reptilian Blood --- NO JOKE. The aliens are coming for these folks --- to bring them back home.
Poster Handle Manu-Koelbren
Post Content
The Kolbrin tells that what happened in the garden of eden story was actually that "Eve" was impregnated by a barbarian (maybe a Neanderthal?). Then it says that after they were banished from the garden:

"Maeva, one time wife of Dadam, found refuge among people of Ardis where she gave birth to Gwineva the Cuckoochild, but as the child grew it was seen that she had red hair. Though all knew there were fair-haired and dark-haired people, none had ever seen anyone with red hair. Also, Strange maladies had manifested in Ardis for which the strangers were blamed; therefore, because of these things, Maeva and her child were driven out. "
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