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Message Subject Is USA desperate to prevent China's alien disclosure? Sending NASA chief who refuses to brief congress about it...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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A NASA official said Oct. 12 that Bolden would be tied up in a senior management retreat before he departs Oct. 15 for China. “No formal briefs are scheduled but we will be prepared to answer any questions,” the official said.

In an Oct. 8 letter to Wolf, Bolden outlined his itinerary, characterized the trip as “introductory” and said NASA will not consider any specific proposals from the Chinese for human spaceflight cooperation. He also said a reciprocal visit by Chinese government officials to NASA facilities in November would be guided by “the degree of transparency and openness that is displayed during my visit.”

[link to www.spacenews.com]

Also leaving for China this week is White House science chief John Holdren, who will travel to Beijing for the second round of meetings under a U.S.-China Innovation Dialogue, according to White House spokesman Rick Weiss.

“Participants will include representatives from the Departments of State, Treasury, Commerce, Energy, the Office of the US Trade Representative and the United States Trademark and Patent Office,” Weiss said in an Oct. 12 e-mail to Space News. The meeting, which will occur Oct. 13-15, will also include representatives from the private sector, including Microsoft and GE, Weiss said. In addition, Holdren will be traveling to Shanghai where he will deliver a speech Oct. 15 at Tongi University about science, technology and innovation in the Obama administration.

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