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Message Subject Is USA desperate to prevent China's alien disclosure? Sending NASA chief who refuses to brief congress about it...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Virtually every UFO sighting to date has been either Chinese lanterns or RC planes. Flying saucers buzzing around Earth is total fiction.


Ok...correction...virtually every UFO sighting to date has been Chinese lanterns, RC planes, or swamp gas.

Go start your own thread instead of taking mine off-topic. Thanks.

he isnt going off topic he is just pointing out that you talk crap and lie alot...very imaginative though a bit sad.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 783199

Wrong. I can and do tell exactly why I think what I'm thinking, and the people who know me say I reek of integrity.

1) I don't lie, it would bother me.

2) Imagination is for creative ventures, not discussions. I speculate sometimes, and I make that clear if it isn't clear in what I'm saying. Generally any person can discern that from the context of both the topics and the replies.

Shame on you for even bothering to 'watch' anybody's particular posts. Each should stand alone, on their own merits of content.

That said, since you're accusing me of talking crap and lying, what is it - in particular - that you're taking issue with?
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