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Subject “Earth-Like Planet” Gliese 581g May NOT Actually Exist -Say What?
Poster Handle DISCL0SUR3
Post Content
Link to article:
[link to www.geekosystem.com]

Remember Gliese 581g, the Earth-like planet whose discovery scientists announced two weeks back, saying it could potentially sustain life? Bad news: Not only were the initial reports that “the chances for life on this planet are 100 percent” overblown; now, new data suggests that the planet may not actually exist.

Are these statements now being retracted because TPTB are trying to keep things under wrap? I'm beginning to become suspicious. The recently UN appointed "Space Ambassador" turned out to be B.S as well....or was it?

Is it possible that we're being tested by TPTB leaking this type of information to see how we'll react?
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