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October 13-14 is now OFFICIAL Alien Contact Day !

User ID: 1129168
10/14/2010 03:12 PM
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October 13-14 is now OFFICIAL Alien Contact Day !
Since we had Blossom Goodchild prediction of 10/14/2008
that was channelled to her by a spirit called White Horse ( or somethin like that )

AND we had Stanley A. Fullam prediction of 10/13/2010
again channeled to him by a spirit called the transcenders ( or whatever that is )

I now have come to conclusion that october 13-14th shall be considered a National Holiday so we can all spent our day watching the sky for some balloons, meteor, planes, ufos, aliens or whatever we might want.

It will thus be a day of love and joy as we all share our common desire to see an extraterrestrial lifeform visit us.

So if aliens do come someday, they will know what day would be the best to put on a media show.