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Message Subject ACIO Alien Contact Intelligence Organization is REAL - Here is there new Facebook Page!
Poster Handle georgelobuono
Post Content
If ACIO is real, it would be so secret that info would be very slim. Michael Salla quotes a Daniel Salter, said to be former military, who says ACIO is part of NSA. But what NSA official, let alone head of an "Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization (or ACIO) could go public? It would be very hard to pull that off.

However, I would insist that the most important result of alien contact isn't technology; it's the new science of mind. I'm writing a book on the subject. Some excerpts:

Aliens think in terms of, and interact via, a new kind of physics. After the Roswell crash it was a mystery, but human scientists had good clues and evidence to go on. Within a few years, they determined that aliens folded gravity around their craft to make faster-than-light, nearly instant jumps across vast distances. Col. Corso said military researchers concluded that when alien craft flew “it was as if gravity was being folded around the outside so that the wave enveloped the craft.”106 p. 101, The Day After Roswell In other words, a gravity-like energy folded inward, while, at the same time, the craft rode a kind of wave outward.

Meanwhile, if aliens fold gravity, it points to how alien physics actually work. Rather than use huge, seemingly impossible amounts of energy to rip across space faster-than-light, aliens discovered that gravity is a nearly instant kind of resonance shared between all atomic nuclei (and deep/dark phenomena like black holes). Maybe you’re wondering: what is “resonance?” When you push a child on a swing, if you time each push so that it matches the child’s motion, the child swings higher and higher. That’s resonance. When you sit in a bathtub then move back and forth in sync with water waves, with very little effort you can build the waves up so that they leap out of the tub. That’s resonance (and that’s essentially what aliens do with gravity). Remember the science class when your teacher took two tuning forks then banged one on the table and it caused the other one to vibrate? It was resonance. Ever been to one of those science museums that have two big concrete dishes facing each other on opposite sides of a big room? When you stand in front of one dish and talk softly it resonates, focally, with the other dish---and someone standing way over there can hear you.

Long ago, aliens apparently found that gravity isn’t a “force” that travels from point A to point B, like light does. Instead, it’s an effect, a deeper underlying resonance that can be artificially created by first converging light waves from opposite directions along each of three different axes (i.e. x, y, and z although not always at right angles) so that the rolling hump of each light wave exactly mirrors the opposing light wave and they cancel out, then by varying the energy so that it resonates (or cycles) down into and through atomic nuclei while, at the same time, it resonates far out and around into space…. Scientist Tom Bearden and other researchers call this kind of energy convergence “electrogravity….” Tom Bearden also notes that if you converge and cancel out artificial gravity (“electrogravity”), it bleeds back into light waves. In short, Bearden says the relationship between light and artificial gravity is reciprocal, like two fractions that are upside-down reciprocals of each other. Each can be converted into the other.

Dr. Michael Wolf Kruvant said he was President Clinton’s advisor on alien matters. Like Bearden and Lazar, Dr. Wolf, who claimed to have a PhD in theoretical physics, said artificial gravity slows or freezes time and motion where it’s focused. Artificial gravity also shortens spatial distances. As Wolf said,
“In a hyperspace environment, using shipboard generation of amplified gravity waves, it isn’t that speed increases; it’s that linear time, when acted upon by a force (i.e., gravity), reduces itself, so that one might say, space-time is ‘warped.’ (The Einstein-Rosen bridge or ‘wormhole,’ created by a gravity-exerting craft in space is but one example.) Multi-dimensionality and hyperspace are changed by imposing artificially created gravity waves, where time is reduced to near zero, and acceleration to near infinity…. In such advanced gravity manipulation, space itself is not transversed or physically crossed; space folds in on itself as gravity waves act upon time. Again, not distance; space is folded by application of the force of ‘created’ and propagated gravity waves upon space-time, thus a spacecraft has little difficulty getting from point A to point B without the so-called ‘normal’ concept of propulsion.” (Wolf, The Catchers of Heaven, p. 254)….

Back to the science of mind. Alien science and our new science of "scalars" show that telepathy (also known as remote sensing) is the standard among all known alien populations. Any normal, sound-minded human can do telepathy and an alien-like communication over great distances nearly instantly, just like aliens. As I explain below, your mind can easily create "scalars, " and as Naval Surface Weapons Lab physicist Eldon Byrd said in the first issue of Megabrain Report, it takes no time for scalars to resonate from one location to any other long distant location nearly instantly. In the following paragraphs I explain how that feels when your mind does it.

You may wonder---how is long distance remote sensing possible?

*The science is so simple that a pre-teen can understand it.

Not only do traveling alien ships do a half-spin and half-flip into a deep down tied to way-out-there resonance, but when alien minds interact across great distances, they do more or less the same. They resonate down into a deeper sub-nuclear structuring of space (it feels like your awareness nearly instantly half-flips and half-spins or faintly reverses polarity almost 180 degrees—a kind of inversion) while your mind nearly instantly resonates out all across a vastly larger orb of space and focuses on a different place, person or mind. We call that remote sensing, or telepathy. Remember, the various quanta (atomic particles) of your brain are curved and shaped like all others in the universe, so they can resonate neatly and tightly with them. And it isn’t merely you resonating outwardly. Instead, a larger, greater resonance converges back upon/within you. That part of it more clearly defines what such resonance really is (a larger continuity that you become sensitive to and part of).

When you do this nearly instant half-flip, half rotation of your mind's awareness it feels like it converges and concentrates slightly more along an inner axis (in your central brain stem areas). If you could see inside the central parts of your brain, the nearly instant flow of this energy would roughly follow the line of a question mark (?) moving up from the bottom dot (the lower part of your head) then bending part-way toward your forehead as it goes around the upper curve of the question mark (still in the central parts of your brain) then bending back around toward the back of your head as it curves down then slightly inward--past the left hook of the question mark. However, this nearly instant, looped movement isn’t along a sharp line because it occurs along a smeared-out space. It simply converges and cancels out energy from above, below, and around. *Finally, when doing telepathy and remote viewing, you only notice that instant looped (?) routing in your head initially. Thereafter, you gently hold and contour that converged configuration in the central parts of your brain, allowing you to smoothly use the rest of your brain for thought and essentially faded, parallel contouring. All of this feels fairly relaxed – with just a slight tightening. So, for near spaces like another city, your mind contours a small section of a vast spherical curve that’s less open, while for a more distant, larger space (another planet or the entire galaxy) the spherical curve of your contour is more open. It resonates with the distant other sides of that larger, contoured (orb-like) space or membrane. You’ll do all of this intuitively without thinking about it, later.

In short, your mind converges energy waves that seem to cancel out on a surface level, yet when they’re intricately and nearly-instantly varied, they resonate down into and across a slightly deeper kind of hyper-space. When your mind merely contours this kind of convergence, it varies the energy level (so that has a smooth feel, rather than a rat-a-tat-tat pulsed feel to it). Because this kind of remote sensing / telepathy occurs across a distance, it has a kind of out-of-body feel. You sense information and details in a condensed nearly instant overview, but by varying your resonance you can essentially unpack the information (or revisit its details), later.
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