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Message Subject ACIO Alien Contact Intelligence Organization is REAL - Here is there new Facebook Page!
Poster Handle DeepInWide
Post Content
Neruda was in the ACIO. He was a top.

The name may be a game; the name is irrelevant.

If you search deeply and widely for WM material and related materials, you will find so much linking that you will probably reinstate your insterest in the 'fringe'.

I found the WM in 2003.

My life has changed drastically since then. The more I dive into researching, the more it makes since.

I have found information printed in the 70s that corroborates with the WM material.

It does not matter to me that the 'Govt' or the 'Illuminati' or the 'Bankers' are aware of me, and the WM, and the whole ball of yarn that we are tugging on by just being on this forum.

The real evil, is the lack of concern for other humans, not a 'big bad elitist cabal'. The real evil lies in our immature hearts. Learn to open to your strongest and smallest feelings.

There is so much more happening than the scare-news, scare-conspiracies. That is all designed to keep you paralyzed.

I do not follow any one group, website, forum, or source. I can read through the lines of any source, and thread it to my ultimate goal, which really is the revelation and mastery of the human genome.

Genetic control and alteration really is the ultimate goal, and will lead to the betterment of this planet and all life forms sharing it.

Why procreate mindlessly, when we can eventually procreate/create willfully?
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