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Message Subject ACIO Alien Contact Intelligence Organization is REAL - Here is there new Facebook Page!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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how legit is any of this? I'm researching now, this appears to be the chronology.

Located in the Chaco Canyons in 1972
Hikers find pictographs and a compass in an obscure canyon that was used as a temporary, nomad, settlement.
All the artifacts were dated to the 8th century AD
A compass was found within these artifacts with strange hieroglyphic symbols. Some of the symbols were also found on the pottery.
The pictographs that were found were different from any on the continent at that time.
It was quickly investigated by the NSA from the US government in 1973.
Even with experts in cuneiform and sanskrit, they were not able to decode the pictographs.
With no further findings, the NSA archived it under code-name, Ancient Arrow.
They closed off that part of the canyon from hikers.
From time to time government scientists would return to try to find evidence but with no luck.
21 years later, in 1994, a rockslide revealed an opening in the canyon to a hidden cavern.
A system of tunnels and chambers were found carved out of the rock.
A total of 23 chambers where found, all intricately connected to an interior corridor.
Each chamber held wall paintings, hieroglyphs, pictographs, and alien technology.
The site was immediately brought under the jurisdiction of the Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO).
The ACIO was to determine the purpose of the site as well as uncover any alien evidence.
It took 7 months of restoration, cataloguing, and analysis
Gradually, a hypothesis was structured by the research team that an extraterrestrial culture established an earth colony in the 8th century and isolated itself within the Ancient Arrow canyon.
It took the researchers 2 years to partially decipher the meanings of the evidence.
The message had some purposeful mission, to be a time capsule of information
A small optical disc was found that held encrypted information.
After 2 more months of attempting to decode, the budget was running out and the project was coming to a halt.
2 researchers theorized that the key to decipher the disc would be in the chambers. They were given access to all the evidence with secrecy.
After 5 months, late in the summer of 1996, the researchers figured it out. Reducing the symbols on the walls with the closest matching facsimile found in ancient sumerian texts and placing the 23 words in the order of the chambers, they were able to unlock the disc
The disc contained 8,000 pages of data.
The data was in an unrecognized character set and needed to be translated.
Translation into hieroglyphics took another 6 months
Translation into English took a more tedious process. With using the 23 chambers as a code set with the pictographs, hieroglyphics, and paintings to make a connection.
The data on the disc was segmented into 23 units.
The data contained information containing: philosophical and scientific papers, poetry, music, as well as an introduction to the culture and identity of its creators
Creators referred to themselves as the WingMakers
In early 1997, the researchers felt that the information would never be announced to the public by the ACIO.
Since they were in communication with the WingMakers, they assured the researchers that the information would be released to the public, while keeping an eye on the ACIO.
 Quoting: Lole Ibn Plutoon

Here is an interview with the head of the ACIO and Labyrinth Group, AR Bordon...

[youtube] [link to www.youtube.com]
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