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Message Subject Inexpensive D.I.Y. micro hydro generator
Poster Handle notabadsite
Post Content
I guess I"m just dumb, I don't understand how the water is coming into the tubes and creating the force that's received in the bucket.

Doesn't he have to have some type of energy to pull all that water up in those hoses? Or did he suck on them to get 'em going?

I know a lot of stuff, but never studied this.

Someone enlighten me please?

water turns low rpm alternator via gravity produces ac converted to dc and stored
 Quoting: AmeriDan

He says the main feed hose is 200 feet upstream, the same gravity that feeds the creek feeds his hose, but WITHOUT obstructions, rocks, friction points, etc. He then sizes down to decrease pressure but INCREASE velocity and splits it four ways at angles to a turbine.

Going with magnets rather then field coils INCREASES complexity of the wiring but DECREASES mechanical losses.


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