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Message Subject ************ WHAT IF SOME OF US ARE ALIENS? *************
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Do abductees have B negative blood type?


Dear readers, this is an interesting opportunity to make some

progress in abduction research. The following article states that

95 percent of abductees have the rare B negative blood type.

What we have here is what in science is called a falsifiable

hypothesis. So, let's see if we can confirm this claim.

Then he followed up more people who claimed to have been

kidnapped by aliens. Imbrogno discovered several chilling

similarities. Most terrifying of all was that almost every one

of these people shared the same rare blood group.

The outcome astonished him - 95% had the rare B-negative blood

type. He said: "people with B-negative blood may be off-shoots

of the hybrid race that the aliens are trying to create."

If that is true, the silent invasion has begun.

[link to www.virtuallystrange.net]
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