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Message Subject ************ WHAT IF SOME OF US ARE ALIENS? *************
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The coming "Age" will be a time on earth unlike any other in the history of man! God's creation has been tampered with and there are among us many, MANY, hybrids of the fallen who have mixed their DNA with that of humans.

This "Age of Grace" has allowed those hybrids to be undetectable among us for OUR souls sake and for THEIRS! Jesus died for us ALL and by believing in Him, we can ALL be saved. If you reject His gift of salvation and find yourself in the next Age after this "Age of Grace" then you may soon not recognize the image staring back at you from the mirror.

Noah was spared from the Flood because those hybrids (Giants then) permeated society and Noah was one of the few left whose blood was PURE.

Jesus said these last days would be as the "days of Noah". The only difference in then and now is this...THERE IS NO PURE BLOOD LEFT!

Turn to Jesus NOW! When He returns for those who believe in Him and the door is shut on this Age, your worst nightmare will be nothing compared to what you will witness with your very own eyes!

Do not delay! Your salvation...and sanity...depend on it!
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