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Message Subject WHICH OBAMA
Poster Handle tomasgod1
Post Content
Well, Obama has been on TV twice this morning. Once with his black hair, and now with his grey hair, and the voice doesn't even match. When are people going to pay attention to the many faces of Obama? and the others like Hilliary for that matter.
 Quoting: Nobody in Particular

I have noticed this myself! I have not seen "The President" with diff hair on the same day, wasn't looking for it though, either! I have noticed that ...sometimes more grey...sometimes not so much?; I had attributed this to a "White House Hair Stylist", keeping his hair dyed. All presidents seem to go grey soon after entering office, so I was actually looking for it this time! Hillary, on the other hand seems to have many faces, and as many women have cosmetic surgery, I pined it on that. I have started noticing certain characteristics in pics of "Hill" however, that do not match in photos????

Down...down...the rabbit holes!
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