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gargoyle in a suitcase

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User ID: 1132600
United States
10/16/2010 06:48 PM
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gargoyle in a suitcase
all I know is I will not be going anywhere near the airport when 2012 gets here.
I believe the gargoyles are sitting inside an opening to the underground.
where the chambers with the sprinkler systems will be used to kill the masses with the ag antigen.
All this unused space will be like big burial ground. They will probably tell us we will be safe in there. yeah right then all they have to do is bury it
Imagine the world falling down around us..People wanting to get away so they head for safty to the air the airport...
what do you think?
the gargoyles in open suitcases sittin inside the meaning is simple sitting inside an opening to the underground of course
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 898354
United States
10/16/2010 06:51 PM
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Re: gargoyle in a suitcase
that's kind of scarwy.