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Message Subject Edgar Cayce: New Madrid Fault
Poster Handle Opeth
Post Content
Just a little food for thought, Edgar Cayce, predicted that the New Madrid fault would empty the great lakes and divide the USA (geographically).

Now, we have earthquake swarms from Quebec to Arkansas.


Oh, and if all you have is a BS flag, don't waster your click. It doesn't faze me, because I'm not saying this is what I believe, I'm asking for discussion.
 Quoting: AmericanJedi

The New Madrid doom is a hell of alot more plausible than Cali slipping into the ocean, if you look at the geology & science behind it.

There were several *prophets* (I use that term loosely) that claimed the same vision but I'm pretty sure Cayce was the original.

IDK, part of me thinks we will actually see a very serious New Madrid event before any of the other predicted 'mega quakes'........... frightening prospect to say the least. The farther east you get, the more severe the seismic events effect becomes due to the change in rock formation. This one really freaks me out :( :yoda:
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