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Message Subject Edgar Cayce: New Madrid Fault
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
from a magazine we found ,
i typed in google translator here result .

when the red comet passes but returns with a gas then mens eyes will fall dead like man on a cold slab.

men shall walk to an throw cursing the earth
yes it shall come to pass.

Then a strange spiraling light from source quite near also from the son ,it is infinitey bright ear piercing its screech.

Then shall all men sleep 3 days and nights on road an field in bed an work.

Comforted as being alive yet experience they have a real living god is present,

felt the world over encompassed is earth without exception people will deny ,it is to there loss.

once it passes the evil red eye men stir then they awake but dumbfound posses-d by fear -despair,- desperation ,

melancholia ensue like a breeched dam causing a snare around necks to fight is lost, the crushing weight its cries, terrible deeds ,men cry on there knees in fear.

3 years will pass many do die.but a light does come with teaching the law .carrying a torch of hope.

men do see it coming in the heavenly sky looking like a hand extending ,then all of a sudden a ray or golden rope.

Rias de silveto died 1872 in los ramblos argentina

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