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Message Subject Edgar Cayce: New Madrid Fault
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I can't wait for it to pop...

Yeah, man! It's a shame about the destruction and death/injuries, and all but still, IT'S GOING TO BE COOL AS SHIT! Can you imagine it? Massive earth shaking, a real adrenaline rush, then, RIIIIIIP!...and the whole continent is wrenched apart! Wow! And all the new waterfront property! With all the destruction along the edge of the waterways, one could probably claim some property, build a decent earth-friendly home, and have direct access to the fresh, pristine waters of the Gulf of Mexico!

Glad I don't live right on top of it. I'm at the eastern foothills of the Appalachians in the Eastern Panhandle so we have a lot of mountain between here and where the Madrid runs. I'm sure we would definitely feel it though and have some shaking going on.

It will definitely change the psyche of a whole lot of people when they realize that the planet can just open up like that.
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