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Message Subject Edgar Cayce: New Madrid Fault
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If it wasn't for the locks on the Chicago Sanitary (Barge) Canal Lake Michigan would already be draining into the Mississippi!!

It wouldn't take much earth movement to get at least a partial drainage of the Great Lakes through the Mississippi via the very low land that Chicago now occupies.

A 50 foot drop in elevation of that 15 miles that separates Lake Michigan from an unimpeded trip down the Illinois River ... and voila people could be walking along the bottom of DRY Niagra Falls picking up things the Indians threw over the falls 200 years ago since the upper lakes would all be draining out over the NEW Chicago Rapids & Falls.

(and shallow Lake Erie would mostly dry up since it is on average only about 30 feet deep and without the water from the upper lakes reaching it it would soon dry up to be only be a "Lake" in it's deep channel locations)

The next New Madrid type quake could conceivably cause that type of calamity to occure ... during the series of quakes in 1811/1812 LOTS of areas subsided by over 100 feet and a number of areas went up by similar amounts. Today the great Mississippi river is in places tens of miles from where it was in 1811 before the great quakes occured.
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