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Message Subject DMT drug is an Illuminati weapon to sabotage human pineal gland.
Poster Handle sexinapanman
Post Content
I'm gonna expend the energy to destroy your post, and I was gonna say I don't know y, but as I was typing it I figured it out.

If you would take the time to educate yourself about what is really goin on before you post the first bs idea or propaganda that pops into your head, you would realize that dmt has thousands of years of sanctioned shamanic use and occurs naturally in both plants and mammals.

It also maybe be one of the most valuable tools we have for healing. /Rant off, please take your bs elsewhere it is burning my eyes.


siren2 shill

Shaman priests in ANY culture, are NECROMANCERS!!! Get some education YOU, about what it is!! They are nothing but, puppets and slaves of astral entities, that use them to attack more ignorant slaves that need to be in touch with dead people, astral vampires, demons and all sort of parasite entities of astral dimensions. Real and genuine masters, avatars, after death, DON'T USE OTHER PEOPLE to communicate. They project their own astral body anytime, anywhere. They don't contact Shaman, contactees, channelers, mediums and all sort of voluntaries to serve as cattle to feed astral entities. Get a clue, junior!
 Quoting: UndercoverAlien

now I'm not going to claim to be all knowing or anything but when people reach these higher astral levels it's always reported that pure and true love is felt. it would seem there is a unified feeling of oneness and there is no good / bad duality, all is one. but if you read books like carlos castaneda's books on don juan, he does mention a jumping shadow, a parasite that feeds on our cloak of light. similar entities have been described as lower dimensional beings who have no body on our level and have to dwell within us to survive. we take them on and believe its thoughts to our own. so I myself feel these are what we fear in the dark as kids and that maybe the powers that be know this and are working with it, keeping us in a state of fear so their masters can feed and we never become aware. look into the flower of life and research the falling of consciousness, very interesting theory.
now i also don't believe we know anything until we experience it for our self, and even then our minds distort it after the moment is over. but i can tell you I've done dmt, I didn't break through to the other side, but felt the love, the love was real.
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